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Store and Services

Can we make purchases over the phone?
It is possible to make purchases over the phone by simply call your nearest store. Simply have your credit card ready.
Do you provide delivery services?
We do provide delivery service within the Sydney metropolitan area. There is additional charge for delivery, depending on the delivery address. Please contact our store to make sure whether your delivery address is within our service area and associated charges.
Can you deliver outside your delivery area?
We can arrange for some quotes for a courier or other delivery service company to deliver to your address. There is no extra cost and payment can be forwarded directly to your chosen courier/delivery service company.
Can you send more information or a printed catalogue of your products?
We can send more information and catalogue, please contact us for your preferred mailing address.
Are the products available when purchased? Are there any waiting time?
Most of the products are available when purchased. However there can be some items which may not be readily available. In such case it should not take any longer than 10 weeks to deliver, providing that it is in our collection and not a discontinued product.
What are the warranties on your products?
We provide warranties for all of our furniture ranging from 12 months to 5 years. For detailed information on what is and what is not covered under the warranty, please follow link to terms and condition. Please see table below.
Product Line Warranty Period Terms and Condition
In-house Collection 12 months click here
In house Premium Collection 3 years click here
Wintons Teak 5 years click here
Do the products come flat packed? Does it need assembling?
Most of our product comes flat packed for easier storage and delivery. However, not all flat packed products require assembly. This is because they are foldable or retractable and as such their packaging comes flat packed. As assembly requirement varies form one product to another, please contact our store for details of packaging and assembly requirement.
What do I need to assemble my furniture? Is it easy to assemble?
We design our knock down mechanism so that it is easy to assemble. You only need common household tools, such as spanner and screw drivers. All the instruction and parts required for assembly are already inside the packaging. Just follow the instruction.
Can I have my furniture already assembled?
We provide assembly services at an extra charge for both pick up and delivery service. Please contact our nearest store for details.
Is The Gallery Warehouse a franchise business?
The Gallery Warehouse is not a franchise business and all of our store and business is under one company.