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Wintons Teak
How durable is Wintons Teak? Does it have to be maintained?
Wintons Teak furniture pieces do not require specific maintenance, such as oiling. It is simply a matter of general care and cleaning.
Why is it that the Wintons teak collection does not come in stained finish?
Wintons Teak only uses A Grade teak which is rich in natural oil and possesses a fine yet strong grain/fibre. This ensures that no additional preservative, colouring or finishing material is needed to protect the furniture against the harsh weather. In addition, as the A Grade also have a uniformed honey gold colour. It is not necessary to put additional stain on the furniture.
What does it mean by machine made?
“Machine made” refers to how the construction and the joins of the furniture is made using modern machineries. For example, the mortice and tenon are made to exacting precision using dedicated tenoner or mortiser. Compare this to “hand made” where the timber component that makes up your furniture is cut and shaped using simple machineries such as power saw.
How is it that machine made is better than handmade outdoor furniture?
Machine made is better because using modern machineries means that many of the human errors and inaccuracies found in hand made furniture are overcome or eliminated. Machine made guarantees that the timber component that makes up your furniture is cut to exacting precision. All other things being equal, this not only ensures that your furniture is more sturdy and durable. It also ensure consistency in quality and dimension of assembled pieces, which is especially important in repeated pieces such as chairs and table top slats.
How can I tell the difference between hand made and machine made furniture?
The best way to tell whether it is hand made or machine made is by looking at the mortice or tenon on the joints. Please see photo below for detail. Machine made; mortice and tenon are made to exacting precision, with the edge rounded. Hand made; mortice and tenon are square or sharp edged as they are cut using simple tools such as power saw.
What is kiln dried timber?
Kiln drying is one of the production processes we undertake to reduce the moisture content in the timber we use. Reducing moisture level to 12 % ensures the timber is suited to Australian condition. The process also prevents timber from warping and cracking due to extreme temperature.
Why the prices gap between the two grades?
The primary reason for the price gap is because we select and choose for the A Grade in each log, which only account for 10-20% of 30-50 year old log. This is to make sure that you get the best grade available.
Why can’t I find the same design in the lower grade timber?
Because we are using modern machineries that allows precision cut, we have the liberty to design furniture which would otherwise be impossible by hand made. This is in line with our commitment to come up with fresh and innovative design.
Where do you get your designs from?
Our designs are part of our extensive research on what customer want and are based on the feedback provided by our customers. We also employ our own design team to translate these ideas into our collection. On top of that, we also keen to experiment on new design ideas and innovation.
What in included in the warranty for Wintons Teak?
The warranty covers timber and structure of your furniture for 5 years. Please check our warrant policy for more details.