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About Teak
What is teak?
Teak, Tectona Grandis, is a tropical hardwood that grows primarily in dry terrain of Southeast Asia and India.
What are the advantages of teak for outdoor furniture? Why should I buy teak as outdoor furniture as supposed to other timber?
Teak is rich in natural oil that repels water and makes it virtually immune to rotting. It also possesses a dense grain structure, which makes it tough and hard-wearing. As it ages the fine and dense grain also allows the timber to remain smooth and easy on touch. The combination of natural oil and hard-wearing properties of teak also makes it resistant to termites and other insects.
What are teak grades?
Teak grades refer to the overall quality (contents of oil, density of grain and appearance) of the timber which is assessed through its appearance; such as existence of knots and colour consistency and the age of the timber. The exact grading process can be quite complex and technical. Teak are generally graded A, B or C. A grade is usually found at the core and is the oldest part of the log. The B and C grades are located at the outer rings of the log.
How can I tell the difference between one grade and the other?
The exact grading process and criteria can be quite complex and technical. But as a rule of thumb, in its raw and unfinished state, appearance and look of the timber can be used as a gauge. The more consistent the grain and colour, the higher the grade is. Lower grades would have more timber knots and inconsistency of grain and shade. However it is difficult to differentiate the grade, if the furniture has been treated with chemical to achieve smooth surface and even color.
Where does TGW teak come from?
The Gallery Warehouse products are made using Javanese teak. The teak used for furniture making in our facilities are harvested from sustainable plantations managed by the Indonesian government.
What is the difference between Javanese and Burmese teak?
For end user purposes, there is no great difference between Javanese and Burmese teak. This is true so long as the comparison is made on the same grade.
Is the Indonesian plantation system sustainable?
The Indonesia government enforces strict standards when it comes to the numbers of trees harvested each year, as well as the replanting of these trees, in order to sustain the productivity of these plantation for future generation. Teak has become a high quality crop for locals and is a valuable source of income. So, you can feel good about enjoying our furniture in your home, knowing that it is crafted from a reliably managed resource.